WWDC recap

What’s the expression? A day late and a dollar short? Well, I’m a couple dollars short, and several days late. Sorry. But here it is anyway….
(Originally supposed to be posted on 8/14, but delayed in part due to “The Terrorists”)
The trip to the WWDC has been interesting. I’ve never been before, so it was bound to be an interesting experience.
The flight from JFK to SFO was mostly uneventful, except for taking quite a bit of time to get off the ground – I was worried about the amount of fuel we were using just sitting on the tarmac. Not my problem, as I’m not the pilot….
Anyway.08-06-06_1612 Once I got to San Francisco and got settled into the hotel (the Renaisance Parc 55), I ran over to Moscone West to get my credentials for the show – a badge and schedules for the different sessions – as well as my attendee gifts: a nice laptop bag, a t-shirt and a coffee cup.
Sunday night was a “MacEnterprise” gathering – it’s a mailing list for people who manage Macintosh computers. We met at the Thirsty Bear, which had us up on the second floor. It turns out that Apple decided to sponsor the event – which was quite nice. I sampled a couple of their micro-brews – they were very nice. I also enjoyed the company of my fellow geeks while we had some very tasty appetizers.
The 08-07-06_0730morning of the keynote, I was up at 6:00 so I could make my way to the Moscone center to attend. The Keynote wasn’t scheduled to start until 10:00, but apparently people start lining up at about 6:00 and earlier. My biggest concern was making it so I could get into the main room to watch the keynote “live” instead of in an overflow room and watching it on the big screens.
It would have been the same either way, but there’s just a little something more “fun” about being in the same room as Steve and the keynote.
You’ve08-07-06 1002 probably read or heard about the announcements, so I won’t go into any detail about them – except to say that I was quite pleased to hear about some of the new stuff in Leopard, and I loved hearing that there is new hardware coming.
The08-07-06_1214 new Mac Pro looks awesome – I had a chance to look at the new boxs at the show, and they’re very cool. The expansion to 4 drive bays and two optical drives is nice, and the overall flow of the machine is much nicer. The addition of 64-bit processing and subsequent changes in memory – up to 16 gb – is going to make some computing applications very fast.
Some of the technologies built into Leopard are very cool – TimeMachine, for example, is going to make many System Admins very happy, since it lets the users backup their own data, as well as restore it at will. This alone will prevent more than a few headaches on my campus.

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WWDC Photos

While here at the WWDC I’ve been taking some photos:
The New Mac ProSteve Jobs doing his thingSteve Jobs introducing the Mac Pro
You can check out the rest of them here.

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Big Brother commands you….

brix mail… 1984 Playset Goes on Sale in Two Days
Podbrix has made some neat stuff, and this one looks like the best so far – too bad it’s a limited edition of only 100. Order now! I wish I could!

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Great deal: 250 GB drive with enclosure

Amazon.com: Western Digital 250 GB USB 2.0/Firewire External Hard Drive with Dual Option Backup and USB
This lovely little beast has 250 gb of disk space in a nice little box complete with USB 2.0 and Firewire. It comes with a copy of Retrospect Express from Dantz/EMC (I’m a huge fan of the Retrospect line, so this is a good thing) and it’s pretty easy to use.
So don’t just sit there – go get one and backup your data!

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flickrframe: fun for the whole family

the Widget Foundry :: flickrframe Widget
If you have a flickr account – or a friend who has one – then check out this Widget. It will show you three images from the chosen stream – in order or randomly. Clicking on the image will bring you to the URL of the photo – it’s kind of neat to have different photos of the family show up whenever I use Dashboard.

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Distributed Boing Boing

DBB is a project started when various internet filtering companies started to block access to Boing Boing for reasons that are pretty silly – just because they tell people how to bypass internet filters.
It’s a long standing internet tradition that if access to something is blocked, that someone else figures out how to provide access to it. In this case, there’s the DBB project – a way of providing access to Boing Boing via other peoples websites.
I believe in free speech and openness and all that other cool/good/hip stuff, so I’ve jumped on the bandwagon:
Share and enjoy!

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Letterbox your email

Letterbox | aaron.harnly.net | Aaron Harnly
Letterbox is a plugin for Apple’s Mail.app that takes advantage of your widescreen monitor. It rearranges the interface into three vertical columns –so the message pane is to the right of the message list, rather than below.
I just installed this, and it’s pretty darn good – like “I can’t believe Apple didn’t come up with this” good. Go check it out!

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Got ransomware?

mf2lro8sw03ufvnsq034jfowr18f3cszc20vmw – Google Search
If you’ve had the ransomware virus hit you, then here is the password. Share and enjoy!

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.. – / … / .- / … . -.-. .-. . –

(It’s a secret)
TheMadAdmin: FOX TROT Hidden Code!!!!
A week or two back, the cartoon Foxtrot had Jason, the nerdly son, tap dancing, only to find out it was a message in Morse Code.
What does it mean? Click the link above to find out. And to do your own Morse Code translations, check out this site.

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Smack that laptop!

Medallia Blog: SmackBook Pro Archives
I myself also use a desktop manager – it’s very handy to have all my web browsing windows on one screen, then be able to switch over to a completely blank screen to check my email or whatever. Anyway, the new MacBook and MacBook Pro come with accelerometers to try to prevent the hard drive from crashing if the computer is dropped. People have already started putting together games and other interesting toys to take advantage of this – I think this is a novel way to switch the screens. Watch the movie and decide for yourself.

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